In collaboration with different Universities, the Paioli Meccanica group supports research studies, availing itself of the most modern data gathering equipment and its control systems.
The demand of Production houses for motorcycles and scooters gave rise to the project for a new suspension.
Collaboration between the Customer and the Supplier followed naturally.
An extremely profitable exchange where the group's maximum professionalism came into play. The competitions sector is a stimulating one as it encourages research for new solutions.
Paioli Meccanica produces avant-garde solutions. Its experts follow the performance of prototypes on the racing circuits, deriving precious data through telematic gathering.
The same data is elaborated in the research centres and the "knowledge" is then applied to the design of new models.
The high-tech research developed by Paioli Meccanica is applied both to teamwork design as well as to the "first assembly" of proposals aimed at that market niche of motorcycle aficionados in search of an advanced personalisation of their motorcycles.

...an innovation that rises from zealous research and analysis of the data obtained.