Inspection of the product that leaves the establishments of the Paioli Meccanica group is very strict. It involves every aspect: from the analysis of the materials used to each structural characteristic. The most modern technologies are applied: ranging from microscopical analysis of the materials to tests for resistance to corrosion, (salt fog chambers), which simulate the boundary conditions of use, to various mechanical resistance tests.
Before being assembled, each component undergoes a three-dimensional inspection (Three-D solid modeller). This test is carried out automatically for six hours a day and for another two hours, the product is directly controlled by an operator, according to the models that guarantee homogeneity during inspection.
"Damping tests" and "Friction tests" carried out on MTS systems make precise hydraulic adjustments possible.
Thanks to an electro-mechanical dynamometer (from the American MTS) the quality and constancy of spring response is tested: both the elastic response (K) as well as the hysteresis cycle are measured. However, apart from these inspection test cycles, through the software system used it is possible to check the material's resistance to stress and the modelling validity with reference to the project aims.

...inspections and tests

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