What arrives at the foundry is the shaped body of an object still in an embryonic state. The process provides the required connotations for it to be assembled with the various other components by creating special sites, drilling, milling… In short, by giving life to a finished piece with characteristics that are in line with the project.

An extremely delicate process, requiring high precision. This is the purpose of the numeric control centres, the CNC lathes, the boring machines for deep drilling and most importantly, the highly specialised personnel.

The setting up of manufacturing centres (Paioli Meccanica uses several horizontal and vertical centres with various pallets) requires a vast experience. Paioli Meccanica makes use of a special software that provides maximum precision during the adjustment process, guaranteeing optimal efficiency. The equipment yard for the various manufacturing processes is impressive with regard to both quantity and quality.

precision requires highly technological instruments!

...dissection, turning, adjustment

Tube cutting and turning operations take place according to an optimisation programme with atomized equipment. The adjustment sequence makes use of an equipment chain that guarantees a barely perceptible tolerance through subsequent well-balanced phases. Specialised personnel check the continuity of the various phases of the process and control their correctness.
To call them "finishings" is reductive!
At Paioli Meccanica the manufacturing process is so much more than a mere embellishment of the product!
Interventions are extremely varied and highly demanding: they range from tube cutting to turning, grinding, chroming, polishing and lapping where required. These operations require a range of highly technological equipment.
Extremely modern systems with a high productivity that require a sophisticated technical management besides a seasoned commercial background.
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